Bio-Solar Purification

The Bio-Solar Purification (BSP) technology innovates in the biological treatment of wastewater using natural processes such as photosynthesis, biofixation and photooxydative degradation.

Implemented in photoreactors designed and manufactured under the brand HelioPure®, the Bio-Solar Purification controls and enhances the ecosystem services provided by the interface between air and water of aquatic environments. Those phenoma appeared in aquatic environments 2 billion years ago and have been known and studied for over 50 years and used empirically in techniques such as lagoons. These phenomena are still the subject of much research that we apply to the treatment of wastewater for recycling through HelioPure® facilities.

BSP: Purification Bio-Solaire

BSP technology is intensifying organic solar natural phenomena in closed systems

In practical terms, wastewater first undergo a pretreatment for removing solid organic or inorganic materials and fats (paper, wood, sand, plastics, oils), that will partialy be converted into recoverable CO2.


Cycle BSP2


Then the Bio-Solar Purification is implemented in closed photobioreactors where waste water is exposed to natural sunlight. The presence of nitrogen and phosphorus in mineral form dissolved in wastewater leads to the development of photosynthetic microflora whose development is initiated by an initial inoculation and maintained by the CO2-enriched air injection. This photosynthetic development keeps high concentration of oxygen  in our closed system.

The BSP process works as a “natural” advanced oxidation chemical-oxydant free. The synergistic effects of sunlight and oxygen enable the “mineralization” of all organic materials and low-biodegradable dissolved compounds within hours. Potentially dangerous microorganisms associated with human or animal feces are also eliminated by this intensive photo-oxidative treatment.


The Bio-Solar Purification technology apply to most water recycling needs in domestic, agricultural and industrial sectors.

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